DJ ひり & MAMA / Disk Union × R-Izmical Presents - Mix CD -
ホームMIX CDDJ ひり & MAMA / Disk Union × R-Izmical Presents - Mix CD -

DJ ひり & MAMA / Disk Union × R-Izmical Presents - Mix CD -

販売価格: 3,690円 (税込)
Press:JP Press

本当の意味でPromo Onlyな激レアMixCD!!!

Disk Unionと埼玉のR&B Party「R-Izmical」のDJ ひりさんとMAMAくんで非売品として数量限定で配布したMixCD!




Track List
ひりSide(全てオリジナルレコードでLive Mixしてます)
01:Let's Spend Night Together / 3 Shades Brown
02:Every Little Step / Bobby Brown
03:Try My Love / Mint Condition
04:When You Love Somebody / Keith Washington
05:Goodbye / Tevin Campbell
06:Why Can't We Be Friend? / Force MDs
07:Kickin' It / After 7
08:2b or Not 2b / UNV
09:Everytime My Heart Beats / Riff
10:Say U Like / Brik Citi
11:Nobody Does It Betta / Mint Condition
12:Do You Believe In Me / Eric Gadd

DJ Mama(アナログ・レコードでLive Mixしています)
13:Best Of You / Kenny Thomas
14:The Hardest Thing / 98°
15:Get Up And Party / Groove On The Move
16:Your Eyes / Simply Red
17:Urgently In Love / Billy Crawford
18:Still Feel The Rain / Stex
19:I Want To Know What Love Is / Terri Symon
20:Let It Side / Charlene Smith
21:Somebody Else's Guy / Ce Ce Peniston
22:Nothin' Goin On But The Rent / Yana
23:Wanna Dance / Yasmin
24:Gotta Get Right / Lena Fiagbe
25:You Showed Me / Lutricia McNeal
26:Thinking Of You / Lisa Maxwell
27:Betcha'll Never Find / Chantay Savage
28:The Thing I Like / Aaliyah
29:Free To Love Again / Suzette Charles
30:If I Maybe / Love Square
31:Mr Friday Night / Lisa Moorish
32:Stranded / Agnes
33:Emotions / Mariah Carey
34Step By Step / Wendy Moten